Esser Masterclass Australia

Esser Masterclass launches Esser Australia in 2019 from Adelaide, Australia. Esser Australia is an international handsurgery school in which all the elements (Tendons, Local Flaps, Nerves, Fractures and Osteo-arthrtitis) of handsurgery will be discussed and trained on fresh-cadavers. The first masterclass will be the combined Esser Tendons and Local Flaps Masterclass, in which everything about tendon repair and local flaps coverage in the upper extremity will be reviewed and practiced on fresh-frozen cadavers. The Esser Tendons and Local Flaps Masterclass will be held over the course of three days in April 2019 (more information will follow soon).

Our mission is making high-quality handsurgery education accessible for every handsurgeon around the globe and our motto is training from handsurgeons to handsurgeons.

Director Esser Australia
Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery Royal Adelaide Hospital,

Adelaide, Australia