Australia Fractures Course


October 29-30 2021

Max Participants



Adelaide, Australia

Course Introduction

Hand fractures, are the most common fractures of the body. And are therefore often presented on the emergency department. Proper management at initial evaluation of hand fracture injuries can prevent a significant amount of morbidity and disability. Every hand surgeon should have a comprehensive knowledge of hand fracture management. Esser Masterclass Fractures is designed to improve the hand fracture management for hand surgeons. The practical sessions will be performed on fresh frozen cadavers with two participants per extremity.

At our dedicated cadaveric workshop facility we have availability for 24 participants at 12 workstations. Each station will have a pre-fractured cadaveric specimen throughout the course.

Fractures in each specimen include:

  • base middle phalanx fracture (intra-articular)
  • transverse middle 1/3rd of middle phalanx fracture (extra-articular)
  • oblique fracture proximal phalanx (extra-articular)
  • 4th Metacarpal neck fracture (distal, extra-articular)
  • 5th Metacarpal base fracture (proximal, extra articular)
  • Scaphoid waist fracture

    X-ray and CT imaging is available for each of the fractures for pre-operative planning.

    The final, detailed course program and faculty members will be confirmed soon.

    The programe (non-final)

    The Fractures course is a two day course please have a look at the schedule

    09:00 Welccome
    09:05 Conservative treatment in hand fractures
    09:20 Operative treatment proximal phalangeal fractures
    09:35 Acute and chronic fracture dislocation PIP joint
    09:50 Post-traumatic stiffness of the hand and wrist
    10:20 Skillslab: approaches and plating of phalangeal fractures
    11:30 Skillslab: Suzukitraction, ligamentotaxor
    12:00 LUNCH BREAK
    12:30 Treatment of malunion of metacarpal and proximal phalanx
    12:45 Bennett, Rolando fractures
    13:00 Dislocation fractures CMC 4/5
    14:00 Skillslab: corrective osteotomy phalanx MC
    14:45 Skillslab: approaches to the base of the thumb rolando bennett
    15:30 Skillslab: approach to the CMC 4 and CMC5
    16:00 Skillslab: Fractures of the hamate
    08:15 Scaphoid fractures
    08:30 SL ligamentous injury
    08:45 Greater, lesser and inferior arc injuries
    09:00 TFCC
    09:15 Skillslab: Compression screw fixation scaphoid
    09:45 Skillslab: Dorsal and palmar approach to the carpus
    10:30 Skillslab: Plating of the scaphoid
    11:00 Skillslab: Reinsertion SL / 3LT
    11:45 Skillslab: open TFCC approach and fixation
    12:30 LUNCH
    13:15 Pediatric wrist fractures
    13:30 Distal radius (and ulna) fractures in adults
    13:45 Galleazi, Monteggia fractures
    14:00 Longitudinal radio-ulnar instability ( Essex Lopresti)
    14:15 Fasciotomy
    14:30 Skillslab: volar and dorsal plating distal radius
    15:30 Skillslab: distal ulna fractures
    16:00 Skillslab: approach elbow and relation to the nerves
    17:00 Skillslab: decompressions and fasciotomies
    17:30 Closing remarks, group photo and certificate.
    17:45 DRINKS


    The Esser Masterclass instructors and faculty are dedicated and certified hand surgeons. This means that the Esser Masterclass is focused on providing a tailored made and hands on international education by experts in the field across the globe. The Esser Masterclass is endorsed by the Internatiolnal Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) and the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies (ICOPLAST)


    Esser Masterclass is dedicated hand surgery training, a must for every hand surgeon

    A. Satir, Plastic Surgeon, Germany

    J.L.B. Vanhaecke, Hand Surgeon, Belgium


    One of the best courses I have attended

    A.C. van Leeuwen MD, Plastic Surgeon, Netherlands


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    Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, and the fifth-most populous city of Australia. It is a civilised and calm city and is divided into two parts, Adelaide and North Adelaide, separated by Torrens River.

    Adelaide Information
    Royal Adelaide Hospital
    Port Rd
    Adelaide SA 5000
    Tel: +61 8 7074 0000


    Esser Masterclass introduced a new education principle: FAIR-TRAED (Fair Transparent Education). FAIR-TRAED means that the registration fees are directly invested in the Esser Masterclass educational materials to advance hand surgery trainings. The organisation and the faculty have a passion for hand surgery and support FAIR-TRAED which means that they do not receive any financial compensation. This enables Esser Masterclass to keep the registration fees at a minimum. Our mission is making high-quality handsurgery education accessible for every handsurgeon around the globe and our motto is training form handsurgeons to handsurgeons.

    Special Thanks to

    Ella Nitters MSc, MA

    “As a medical illustrator I am proud to be part of the Esser Masterclass. It’s my passion to draw the human anatomy and within Esser Masterclass I get the opportunity to explore this with devoted hand surgeons.”