Osteo-Arthritis course


15 - 16 May 2024

Max Participants



Rotterdam, The Netherlands




Course Introduction

The treatment of osteo-arthritis of the hand and wrist can be demanding for a hand surgeon. A vast majority of options is available, but selecting the best treatment for your patient can be difficult. Therefore we designed a two-day course with theoretical and practical sessions with surgical procedures that are available for hand and wrist osteoarthritis. The practical sessions will be performed on fresh frozen cadavers with two participants per extremity. The Osteo-Arthritis Esser Masterclass will be organized every 2 years.

The program

The Osteo Arthritis course is a two day course please have a look at the schedule

0800                  Registration

0900                  Welcome

0905                  Osteoarthritis of the small finger joints

0920                  Traumatic osteoartritis in the PIP joint

0935                  CMC4/5 osteoarthritis

0950                  Skillslab: DIP arthrodesis

1020                  Skillslab: PIP arthrodesis                

1050                  Skillslab: PIP arthroplasty                                                   

1110                  Skillslab: MP arthrodesis    

1140                  Skillslab: MP arthroplasty

1200                  Skillslab: Hemi hamate


1230                  LUNCH


1300                  CMC1 joint osteoarthritis

1330                  STT joint osteoarthritis

1400                  Denervations (Wrist, CMC, PIP)

1430                  Skillslab: CMC prosthesis

1510                  Skillslab: CMC1 osteoarthritis / LRTI                         

1540                 Skillslab: CMC4/5 arthrodesis.                                 

1620                 Skillslab: Denervations       

1800                  Esser masterclass diner

0800                  Ulnar sided wrist pain

0830                  SLAC/SNAC

0900                  Kienbock

0930                  Skillslab: Ulnar shortening              

1000                  Skillslab: RSL fusion                     

1030                  Skillslab: 4 corner                                                 

1110                  Skillslab: Lunate prosthesis

1145                  Skillslab: Proximal row carpectomy                           


1230                  LUNCH


1300                  Radiocarpal osteoartritis (Trauma)

1330                  DRUJ osteoarthitis

1400                  Wrist prosthesis

1430                  Skillslab: Capitate prosthesis

1500                  Skillslab: Wrist arthrodesis                                                  

1530                  Skillslab: DRUJ prosthesis              

1630                  Skillslab: Wrist prosthesis                           

1730                  Closing remarks, group photo and certificate.


1745                  Drinks


The Esser Masterclass instructors and faculty are dedicated and certified hand surgeons. This means that the Esser Masterclass is focused on providing a tailored made and hands on international education by experts in the field across the globe. The Esser Masterclass is endorsed by the Internatiolnal Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) and the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies (ICOPLAST).

All Esser Masterclass Courses will be submitted to the UEMS  EACCME® for CME credits. If approved the UEMS logo will be depicted at the top of the course page.  



Esser Masterclass is dedicated hand surgery training, a must for every hand surgeon

A. Satir, Plastic Surgeon, Germany

J.L.B. Vanhaecke, Hand Surgeon, Belgium


One of the best courses I have attended

A.C. van Leeuwen MD, Plastic Surgeon, Netherlands


Please check for the FAIR-TRAED reduced registration rate

*Tickets are non refundable, exchange tickets to participants on the waiting list is possible.

Regular Fellow and Specialist

€1250 (Limited)



€1000 (Limited)


Rotterdam, city on the Maas, is considered the most modern city of the Netherlands. Atypical in its own country, internationally renowned for its passion for innovation and its unpolished charms. Whether it is its ever-changing skyline full of audacious architecture, its port that is regarded as the smartest in the world, or the “can do” mentality of its residents. Rotterdam is a town with a pronounced character, energetic and always dynamic. Esser Masterclass and Rotterdam Partners make it possible for their participants to experience the city of Rotterdam at it’s full most.

Rotterdam Information
SkillsLab Erasmus MC Room
Ee-120 Wytemaweg 80
3015 CN Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 65 23 43 640


Esser Masterclass introduced a new education principle: FAIR-TRAED (Fair Transparent Education). FAIR-TRAED means that the registration fees are directly invested in the Esser Masterclass educational materials to advance hand surgery trainings. The organisation and the faculty have a passion for hand surgery and support FAIR-TRAED which means that they do not receive any financial compensation. This enables Esser Masterclass to keep the registration fees at a minimum. Our mission is making high-quality handsurgery education accessible for every handsurgeon around the globe and our motto is training form handsurgeons to handsurgeons.

Special Thanks to

Ella Nitters MSc, MA

“As a medical illustrator I am proud to be part of the Esser Masterclass. It’s my passion to draw the human anatomy and within Esser Masterclass I get the opportunity to explore this with devoted hand surgeons.”