Esser Local Flaps Webinar


September 29 2021


€ 35 (per person)


Moscow, Russia


Course Introduction

Soft tissue coverage of the upper extremity continues to be a challenging and evolving field. The priorities in soft tissue reconstruction for the upper extremity are to restore form and function. In the era of free flaps, local flap coverage options for the upper extremity are sometimes forgotten.

This webinar will be a one day webinar on local flaps harvesting in the hand.

The program

The course is a one day webinar course please have a look at the schedule

10:45 Registration Faculty
11:00 Opening  Nazaryan G.A.
11:15 Skillslab: Soft tissue coverage of the fingertip
V-Y flap Nazaryan G.A.
  Eponycheal flap Sukhinin T.Y.
  Thenar flap Sukhihin T.Y.
  Cross-finger flap Nazaryan G.A.
  Segmüller flap Sukhinin T.Y.
  Venkataswami/Evans Nazaryan G.A.
  Reverse Homodigital flap Nazaryan G.A.
12:30 BREAK
13:00 Skillslab: Soft tissue coverage of the dorsal side of the finger
Reverse metacarpal flap Nazaryan G.A.
Quaba flap Sukhnin T.Y.
Adipofascial turnover flap Nazaryan G.A.
Hatchet flap Sukhinin T.Y.
14:30 BREAK  
15:00 Skillslab: Soft tissue coverage of the thumb
Moberg flap Sukhinin T.Y.
FDMA flap Nazaryan G.A.
Brunelli flap Nazaryan G.A.
Moschella flap Sukhinin T.Y.
Littler’s flap Sukhinin T.Y.
16:30 BREAK
17:00 Skillslab: Soft tissue coverage of the hand
Posterior interosseous artery flap Nazaryan G.A.
  Radial artery flap Sukhinin T.Y.
18:00 Discussion


The Esser Masterclass instructors and faculty are dedicated and certified hand surgeons. This means that the Esser Masterclass is focused on providing a tailored made and hands on international education by experts in the field across the globe. The Esser Masterclass is endorsed by the Internatiolnal Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) and the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies (ICOPLAST)



Esser Masterclass is dedicated hand surgery training, a must for every hand surgeon

A. Satir, Plastic Surgeon, Germany

J.L.B. Vanhaecke, Hand Surgeon, Belgium


One of the best courses I have attended

A.C. van Leeuwen MD, Plastic Surgeon, Netherlands


*Tickets are non refundable, exchange tickets to participants on the waiting list is possible. 

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Moscow is a city that combines the past and the present; where old buildings live together with high-tech business quarters. Moscow is home to more than 500 museums, 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a number of world architectural records. Moscow’s rich architecture can also be seen underground: the central metro stations—real “palaces of the people” with mosaics, paintings, stucco, and dazzling illumination. Moscow is a metropolis that has everything: the best restaurants, fashionable nightclubs, skyscrapers, dizzying views, and even peaceful old courtyards where time has stood still for more than a century.  



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